annotated league screenshot
A screenshot of what one would see if they played this game

What this game is about/How to play:

In a match, 5 players are pit against 5 other players to see which team comes out on top as the better team. There are 3 lanes: top, middle and bottom. In each lane, there are 3 towers. In each base, there are 3 inhibitors, 2 nexus turrets and one nexus. Minions of equal power will spawn periodically for each team and charge towards enemy structures. Destroying an inhibitor grants an additional unit to be spawned along with your minions. This unit is a lot stronger than normal and helps to overwhelm the opponent. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy's nexus to claim victory. To do this, each player can only select one of many champions to play. They are able to collect gold, level up, kill enemy champions, buy items and even slay epic creatures to receive power ups. All of this helps strengthen a player's champion and team and give them an edge over the enemy. Eventually, one team will manage to take out the nexus and win the game.

profile page
A screenshot of my profile page with my diamond rank

Personal Experience:

Personally, I have really enjoyed this game since secondary one and I am still continuing to do so. I really love playing it with my friends and it feels like it has been one long journey to get to where I am today. When I started, I wasn't very good at the game, but as time progressed, I slowly got better at the game. Gaining knowledge and getting faster reaction times felt satisfactory. There is a ranking system in League of Legends starting from bronze, to silver, to gold, to platinum, to diamond, to 'masters' and finally to 'challenger'. In my first season of playing ranked, I ended up in silver. As I played, I improved and at the end of the next season, I was in gold. The following season, I was in platinum. Finally, the next season I managed to attain the diamond rank, which only 2.3% of players are able to achieve. Now I mostly only play with friends instead of rank. I love to teach them about the game and point out their mistakes so they can get better at the game.