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League of Legends

League of Legends:

This is the game that I spent a bulk of my time playing in Secondary School. I started playing League of Legends when I was in Secondary One. I met a few classmates who also enjoyed playing the game and we played it together. Over time, more and more of my classmates decided to play the game as well. As a result, everyday after school, we would wait for each other to come online to play the game together.

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This is a game that I saw a streamer on Twitch playing. I liked a certain mechanic of the game and so, I decided to download it. I was not disappointed. It was a fun game that I managed to persuade my classmates in secondary school play. This game provided some friendly competition between my friends and I during break and after school periods.

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This is a game that I was introduced to right after O Levels was over. I would play it daily during the holidays with 2 other friends and we would compete to see who could win the most. I still remember searching for strategies, tips and even guides on the game just so I could get an advantage over my friends.

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