Hearthstone board
How the board looks like

What this game is about/How to play:

Hearthstone is a free to play online strategy card game. Each player brings a personalised deck they have made into the battlefield. Each player starts the game with 30 health, 1 mana, a reusable hero power and the deck they brought. Each turn the player's mana is increased by 1. The goal is to get the other player's health to 0, winning the game. Cards in the game have unique abilities which boost their deck power. Players have the ability to mix and match a large variety of cards into their 30 card deck to make it a good combination of cards to win the game. Along with skill, a bit of luck is sometimes needed to help a game go smoothly. For example, drawing specific cards too late may cause a game to be lost.

Legend rank
Achieving legend rank

Personal Experience:

Playing the game with friends can be very competitive. I used to compete with a friend to see who could collect more of the rarest cards in the game. We would also construct decks regularly and fight each other with the decks made. When expansions came, I used to pay money to unlock the new cards available as fast as possible. Thinking of it now, it may not have been the best idea to spend that much money on games as I no longer play it regularly. Apart from skill, it was important to collect the good cards in the game to make it easier to win. I managed to use one of the better decks during one of the seasons and I managed to reach the legend rank, the highest rank achievable in hearthstone.