brawlhalla match
A match of brawlhalla versus bots

What this game is about/How to play:

Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighter. There are many modes to choose from based on what you're feeling. Want to relax and not feel stressed? Play free for all! Want to destroy another player and assert dominance? Play ranked 1v1! Or if you just want to play a game with friends, you can create a custom room and invite all your friends to join. You can even set your own rules for them. In a normal match, each player will use one legend to try and try to make the other player fly out of the map. Each player has a health bar as can be seen on the top right of the first image. The darker the colour, the more damage the character has taken and the further it will fly when it gets hit. Each player gets 3 jumps, a dodge, and can use every attack available. Weapons will also spawn periodically for players to pick up and use. After a player uses 3 jumps, he has to touch a wall or the ground to refresh the jumps. Dodging on the ground has a cooldown before it can be used again and dodging while in the air extends the cooldown.

brawlhalla legend pool
Picture of all legends available for play

Personal Experience:

I've had a lot of fun playing online against other players and even playing versus my friends. We would always play 2 versus 2 whenever we had 4 players, free for all when we had 3 and a 4 versus 4 on rare occassions where we have 8 players. Similar to league of legends, I also played to get better at the game, training my reaction time, muscle memory of certain combinations of attack. My training paid off and I managed to reach diamond rank, the highest rank achievable in brawlhalla, in season 4. I haven't played rank in awhile and so, I am currently stuck at platinum rank (can be seen in third image). Playing this game also made me realise how kind some people can be. I remember when I was at gold-platinum skill level, an opponent that I fought offered to coach me and said that I had potential to be a professional very soon. I was surprised that an online stranger would even bother to treat me so nicely. This encouraged me to play even better. I learned more strategies and corrected mistakes I constantly made. Eventually, I reached diamond. This is a really fun game that I recommend to anyone wanting to experience some fun.

season 6 ranking
My current rank